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Are you feeling stuck or scattered, without the connection or fulfillment you want in life and relationships?
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If you’re like us, you long for greater meaning in life. You know there’s a better way, a path to deeper understanding, deeper satisfaction, deeper joy. You’re just not sure where to start or how to make lasting change.


While challenges are opportunities and invitations for growth, you came here to be more than a problem solver.  You are designed to to thrive as a creator of your life. For the past 25 years, we’ve helped thousands of people just like you get unstuck and learn unique breakthrough tools to thrive and experience true, lasting happiness.

Feeling a hunger for deeper meaning and connection, we searched the globe for answers, practical wisdom, and life-changing practices to experience ongoing clarity and harmony in life, love, work and our relationships.

After experiencing striking shifts (and finding each other!), we’re called to share what we’ve learned with YOU.

That’s why we founded LOVE. LIFE. WISDOM. We’re here to provide you with the tools and support you need to activate your ability to transform and create the life you want and the love you deserve.

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Reveal the deepest desires of your heart and use Breakthrough Communication & Relationship Tools to create long-lasting romance with a partner who values who you are.


Discover Life-Changing Tools & Practices to increase your clarity and confidence. Make meaningful choices and follow through to soar with joy and success.


No person, place or thing can have power over you when you’re tuned into your Internal Guidance System. Access a clear mind and a calm heart to live and love victoriously.

You deserve a meaningful life
and healthier, happier relationships.

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Meet Paul

Back in high school, I read a book that demonstrated how modern quantum physics mirrored the ancient wisdom traditions of the east. I was fascinated by how western science and eastern thought were merging. So, in college, I decided to major in philosophy with the hope that it would further my understanding, and ultimately help me live a more meaningful life. While it honed my critical thinking skills and provided me with a different perspective on life, it didn’t offer me practical skills or guidance I needed to build a life that served my deepest desires. I resonated with eastern philosophy, but since I didn’t see myself as a monk or living in a cave, I didn’t know how to apply this wisdom… And, once out of college, the “real” world took over.

I lived a life that was expected of me—I got married, bought a house, had kids, and established a career—first in civil rights, and then in environmental cleanup projects. Later, I was ready to break out on my own and I shifted careers to financial services and eventually established my own independent financial planning and wealth management firm.

I share from personal experience and wisdom, not from an academic or theoretical perspective. I provide guidance from a deeply grounded approach without anything airy-fairy about it. I’m eager to help you discover your path to live a more meaningful and joyful life by supporting you with the wisdom, tools and practices to experience greater happiness and connection in your life and in your relationships—without requiring you to go live in a cave!

But just when I thought I had “arrived,” my personal life imploded. An unexpected divorce accompanied by challenges with raising my children caught me off guard, and I was uncertain how to move forward. Professionally, I wanted to make a deeper impact than to solely guide people with their financial life. I also realized it was time for me to go beyond my head and get to know my heart so I could live the next chapter of my life differently. I decided to take bold action and redirected my personal and professional life!

Making change wasn’t always easy, yet doing so led me to experiences I never would have imagined. I discovered transformative teachings and practices that no philosophy professor ever taught me in school. I began a new romantic relationship with Denise (who became my wife) and created a deep intimate connection that I always longed for but wasn’t sure was really possible.

I studied diverse wisdom traditions that continue to make a profound difference in my life today, not only in my connection with Denise, but in all of my relationships. I travelled to India and committed to live a more holistic and modern yogic lifestyle. I discovered a path that didn’t ask me to stand on my head, twist myself into a pretzel, or just to “believe” something intangible, but instead provided me with positive life-changing experiences that simultaneously made sense to my logical intellect. I sold my business and cofounded LOVE. LIFE. WISDOM. with Denise to guide committed individuals to experience The Life They Want and The Love They Deserve.

As a guide, I come to this work having tried the familiar path that I once thought would lead me to happiness and fulfillment but didn’t.

I share from personal experience and wisdom, not from an academic or theoretical perspective. I provide guidance from a deeply grounded approach without anything airy-fairy about it. I’m eager to help you discover your path to live a more meaningful and joyful life by supporting you with the wisdom, tools and practices to experience greater happiness and connection in your life and in your relationships—without requiring you to go live in a cave!

Meet Denise

As the cofounder of a successful multinational consulting firm, my A+ business skills didn’t translate into a clear vision for my personal life or the flourishing romantic partnership I deeply desired.  My intuition guided my professional career and keenly supported the well-being of others, yet I overlooked its capacity to favorably guide me in my own personal life, especially in the affairs of the heart and soul.  I didn’t trust or utilize my greatest gifts of feminine intuition and had no idea how to authentically communicate from my heart.  I was at a loss of how to establish healthy boundaries or calm my anxious mind. The sharp contrast between professional acclaim and personal emptiness felt dizzying, embarrassing, and I was overcome by the flaws of feminine shame. I bluffed my way through intimate matters to satisfy my heart’s deepest longing for meaningful connection and failed. Boom. Hit bottom.

I was born a natural intuitive, empath, and medium who thought everyone was born with the same helpful abilities.  Fear of judgement of the times silenced me, and I chose a traditional route of financial prosperity and professional credibility, yet my intuition continued to grow and deepen.  Over the years, those “who knew,” sought me out, and I solely supported those who made direct requests of me. Over time, recipients shared private testimonials of meaningful life changes they experienced as the result of our sessions together. This feedback filled me with passion and curiosity to better understand and develop my abilities to support myself and those with interest around me.

Profound insights resulted in a career change, as well as travel and study with master teachers from diverse wisdom traditions around the world. Through a lens of multicultural perspectives, I explored different religions and spiritual teachings, and eventually lived in India to study yoga and ancient Vedantic wisdom at its source. I became certified as a meditation and yoga teacher, as well a practitioner in various indigenous healing art traditions. My inner transformational work provided me with clarity and confidence to embrace a more meaningful career focused on guiding and supporting others. I was finally on my rightful path…

During 2001 in New York City, I was part of a team of volunteers during the pioneering days of what was known as the Complimentary Care Center at NewYork-Presbyterian, which laid the conceptual foundation for what is now the prestigious Integrative Health & Wellbeing Program Holistic Care.  The concept for the center was established during the early days of Dr. Mehmet Oz’ medical career. 

I was hired by philanthropists to work with a team responsible to introduce healing arts practices, and I taught monthly classes to communities of medical systems throughout northern New Jersey–many of these programs are still in place today at Morristown and Overlook Medical Centers.  I presented the practice of Jin Shin Jyutsu to oncologists who accepted and successfully recommended the practice to their patients. 

Ever deepening my understanding of universal truths which commonly intersect between diverse wisdom traditions, I was invited by Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith to be part of a limited audience at the Synthesis Dialogues in Italy, led by His Holiness the Dalai Lama, Dr. Michael, and other spiritual leaders from around the world in June 2004.

I continue to enjoy creating programs based on personal experience.  I provide community dialogues, meditation groups, mindfulness teachings, intuitive guidance and mediumship healing sessions,  coaching packages in Breakthrough Clarity, Communication, & Conflict Resolution Skills for individuals, communities, and business organizations. 

In the beginning, my intuitive abilities contributed greatly to my professional success, but not towards my romantic life.

Successful, romantic relationships were not my strong suit when younger. I didn’t know how to vet a partner or co-create a steady and harmonious relationship dynamic. I wanted to believe I was an ideal match for the right someone, yet I just didn’t know how.  I felt unsure about opening my heart, being vulnerable, and chose partners who matched and mirrored the same level of openness I offered to them. 

I needed to do things differently if I truly wanted to experience my deepest desire in love.  I hit bottom, learned the hard way, and it was time to reengineer and reinvent myself, change my approach to my personal life and romance, completely honor my intuitive abilities, and create a new life vision. And so I did.

It’s my great pleasure to share Breakthrough Clarity, Communication & Relationship Tools with those who are committed to experience a meaningful difference with their romantic partner, as well as in their relationships, at home, work, and in the community. 

Intuitive Guidance and Mediumship sessions are available as single sessions as well as packages.

I dove into a deep commitment to better understand my worth as a woman. Improved my discernment on how to choose a partner equally willing to foster healthy relationship dynamics between us.  Frame life challenges as opportunities to grow and evolve together.  I passionately researched, embodied, and applied ancient secrets of polarity to bring out the best of the masculine and feminine essence within myself, and with my partner. In addition to the healing arts, I became a certified trainer of various communication and conflict resolution methods, graduated as a licensed new thought spiritual leader. I synthesized the best of diverse traditions that are otherwise taught separately, and this unique approach caught on in my in my personal life, as well as in my professional programs.

I became clear, healed, and honed these new and powerful skills. During that time, I met Paul on a dating site, and we became close friends for three years. It became crystal clear we were the right match for each other. Now married and using Breakthrough Communication & Relationship Tools I created, we live and finesse them together, sometimes teach together, and continue to build our journey of love on a strong foundation of trust, honesty, and intimacy.

It's my deepest passion to share all that I've learned to guide you to experience the life you want and the love you deserve.

About Love. Life. Wisdom.

It's one thing to read about a different perspective—it's another thing to experience it first-hand.

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