To Live Your Life Fully

Improve the Quality of Your Life

If you sometimes feel like you’re out of flow and struggling, a Jyotish session and customized practice will help you discover how to be supported by the current cycles of energy in your life. Learn how to maximize nature’s support to move forward with less friction and greater ease. It’s clear and simple for those who are committed to keep growing and evolving on a daily basis.

Simple and Profound Power Within You

While typically open minded, I felt super skeptical. I lived in India for a time, and while curious, I didn’t invest much confidence in any sort of “readings” until I had a Vedic Astrology session that dramatically turned around my life. Seriously. This life-changing two-hour experience came with a customized practice that ended my struggle, provided crystal clear clarity, and increased my sense of inner joy and happiness. It inspired me to invest in studying Jyotish, the ancient science of light, with illumined teacher Anand Mehrotra, Founder of Sattva Yoga in Rishikesh, India, who provided me with a renewed gift of life beyond anything I had ever experienced before.

Learn How to Use It Right Where You Are

I now share these ancient gifts of life’s secret treasures with you, right where you are. When you understand and honor the cycles of energy that nature provides, new possibilities can open up and dramatically transform you and your life. If you’re committed to living with deeper clarity, meaning, inner joy, and solid confidence you can trust, you’ll be able to experience greater satisfaction and have the power of victory on your side.

The Process